DIY Spit Roasts


(Do It Yourself)

Spitroasting – Barbeque – Hangi Style

Enjoy The Experience Of Cooking Your Own Feast


Gas & Tradional Woodfired Spits & Hangi Cookers available.

Your choice of fresh Meat pre-basted & seasoned ready to start roasting!

Your choice of Freshly Chilled Salads.

(Use The Order Form Supplied To Create Your DIY Experience)



Here’s a guide to give you an idea of how much meat you will need…

250-300 grms pp x guest no’s will approximately indicate how many kg’s you will need.

Allow for some shrinkage while cooking and bone wastage.

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The Hire Equipment Will Arrive In Good Clean Working Order. When Returning Please Make Sure Our Equipment Is Returned In The Same Condition.

Mount Forge Spit Roaster Brief Cooking And Cleaning Instructions HERE.

Please do not leave any meats or foods in the spit after use.

Please Read Our Terms & Conditions HERE

If You Would Prefer Not To Clean The Equipment, We Have a Cleaning Service Available

$50.00 -$75.00.

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