About Broncos

Broncos Spitroasted Feasts Ltd is a Genuine Spit Roast and BBQ catering company based in Auckland City we will travel wherever we are needed.

In 1997 we successfully owned and operated the legendary Cask’n Cleaver theme restaurant. We wanted to add to our cook your own BBQ feasts option and decided on spit roasting as the perfect compliment. Broncos was born, going even harder after 13yrs. We have cooked for a wide range of people from the ‘All blacks’ to large corporate functions, Weddings on the beach to parties in the middle of nowhere. See our testimonial page here.

If you have never cooked a spit before call Broncos for free advice, we are more than happy to answer your questions. Even if you hire a spit from another company and you are having problems with the spit call Broncos.

We Specialise in spit roasting whole pig and lamb, boned and rolled combos, whole rumps and sirloins and chickens.

We supply freshly cooked top quality spit roasted meats. Succulent and tasty, complemented by a wide range of fresh salads, roasted veges, breads etc.

We hire out spits, bbqs and gas multi cookers so you can “cook your own”  this will save you cash if you are on a tight budget and heaps of fun spit roasting with your family and friends at your party.

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